checking off my childhood diseases

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I had the most marvelous dreams last night! All I remember is there were dozens of childhood diseases I was finally recovered from. I'm not saying "all". I'm saying there were a lot of them. Kept coming up from blackness to more of them checking off the list... coming nearly awake a few times with a quad split screen of various miserable afflictions being ticked off my loooong list.

I got up out of bed with a spring in my step this morning. My head was still full of taffy and afraid it wasn't going to be able to keep this bouncy thing from taking a header, but my body was up for it. Up! Competent. Happening. Just picture one of those vibrant old people holding hands and smiling on the beach like they have in those commercials for ripping off your retirement funds. My body was like that.

My head was a wad of pulpy and gooey wet newspaper as usual.

My body and my spirit are completely unconcerned about it.

always and any time....