i announced a year and a half ago i was turning pro

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It was the invitation to the buddhas to slap even more delusion off me, and, for once, stupid as I feel, I can say for myself that the characteristic inelegance with which I go about learning my lessons has at least lessened.

Pfeh. Big deal, you might be thinking. Well, fuck you, it is a big deal because [1] I am learning at all; and [2] while I might have an impressive IQ, I've been nonetheless a near-total dolt my whole life... just like you.

I do not intend to be like Saint Hunter, but wish to honor his audacity and its motive love. I'm mentioning it now because [1] my teacher popped into my dreams last night; and [2] it's time to put the great, the incomparable, John Pilger in a rest home.

It's understandable he's been left autonomous all this time because we still don't really have a replacement for him, but he needs care now and to start talking to his cat's ghost or his attendant instead of RT... instead of us. He's locked back in the last century, completely failing to note influences apparent enough to anyone of even middling intelligence by now.

He still thinks Western countries are acting in their own national interest. How quaint. How second millennium of him. Still, I don't want to take his inventory here, except to use the example of his pronouncements here on Hollande, because they're so glaring and easy to refute.

[1] It was Sarkozy when we pulped Libya, and Sarkozy was a willing creature of the psychopaths; [2] if it is true Hollande, who's clearly not, has been helping arm terrorists, it's almost certainly not of his choosing, but of diplomatic imperative; [3] the enforcement of which we have so recently witnessed in Paris; and, finally, [4] where did Hollande go immediately after stabilizing the situation at home?

On this last point, do you suppose it is because Hollande is plotting to deceive Putin? Or might there be a slightly more humanitarian and patriotic reason for it?

While it is fair to say Hollande may ultimately prove to have been no buffer between France and the psychopaths, it's completely unfair, actually outright pigheaded, to paint him as a willing player in the psychopaths' infinite game of geopolitical chess.

Do, though, feel free to correct me if you have something that shows I'm wrong.

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