i listened last night

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But the pressure of speech and the lack of someone to balance the sound, maybe take the I'm-talking-from-an-empty-metal-box quality down a few notches, really wrecked my concentration. I know up front a lot of the stuff he's saying is going to scare off newbies for real, but, even with all these impediments, there's some good stuff in here for the very serious seeker after adulthood.

The article they're talking about is here. I've only skimmed it and the same concentration impediments might apply to that as well, or I was already too loopy to tell. I'm going to listen again and actually read the piece later, because, no matter what, I always get great hunks of things to think about when I pay attention to Michael Tsarion.

I make myself get over how rattled that pressure of speech makes me... because I've had friends try to tone me down betimes and I know the feeling, but, he's not always so maniacal. Newbies might want to spend a rainy day on this, put out seven or so years ago, so you know I'm not kidding.

always and any time....