just in case you've been living under a rock

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I thought I'd post this just to be sure you didn't miss it. I mean, I saw a headline at the Murdoch propaganda rag that had the entirety of the G19 asking Putin to join their fight against ISIS... like he hadn't just up and actually begun fighting ISIS after they'd all been pretending to for nearly two years.

I heard someone on a podcast the other day stumbling over the term for this. I'm not going to recite his murder of an extremely well-known term, but he was groping for "cognitive dissonance" and never got there. His heart was in the right place... I guess. Or he realized after it was almost too late he better stifle himself, not seem too much to be calling a spade a spade.

Anyway, even when we know this is cognitive dissonance soup we are living in, we need to remind ourselves and each other every so often, otherwise we're bound to forget little things like all the slaughtered humans who never get mountains of flowers piled up on the pavements they've been splattered all over.

Putin puts things back in order again. Staying the course. A living, breathing incarnation of the perfection of patience, who awes me with it and his continual resort to perfect lucidity. He goes to these little global shindigs and makes them all forget they're all a bunch of duplicitous slithery things, faces brightening at the outstretched opportunity to pretend to be adults for an hour or two.

always and any time....