stick in the mud

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Yes, that guy's going off putz physics for sure, but there isn't any getting around the biological impediments to space travel. Granny Fussbudget has made perfectly plausible the ability to cancel out the radiation that would kill any living thing traveling through radiation belts, but that's not the whole of it by any stretch.

Does scalar tech provide the proper gravity inside the craft? Can it sustain all the chemistry needed to maintain everything crucial to delivering its cargo in healthy enough shape to provide any function at the destination itself? Forget all about any return trips until we can do that much.

It's perfectly plausible to me that humans can have, at some point in far antiquity, or even over the last fifty years or so, gone and dug or built wonderfully usable bases on the moon, or on Mars, or anywhere else in the solar system, depending on a few million variables, but torsion physics only makes the physical craft, the field propulsion, doable. The rest, not so much... I don't think.

It would power replicators, but can we either pull from the physical medium of space or carry enough of the basic materials to make them useful? Or can they pull from that diffuse plasma the wherewithal to build the molecules needed from scratch?

Are we to a place where that field propulsion can completely keep working in any gravity and any void of it? And what speed is that in all the various places and interstellar spaces? Seems to me it would be either no speed or all speed and how do you modulate between those if you don't have all the variables covered in advance?

What drives field propulsion once it's out of its home field? It seems to me it can only go insofar as it cancels gravity, and in the dearth of it or almost complete absence of it, how does that work?

Are we anywhere even a trillionth the way through all the probiotic manufacture it would take to remain humans in these bodies and lucid and with sufficient bone density to get past the event horizon of how much stress we know we can recover from back home or anywhere nearing knowing this limit out there?

What makes this materialist approach more inviting than the spiritual one?

Stupid as we are, we have evidence of that being the ticket, the way forward that halts and reverses the pillage of resources and the mental domination that chains humans to this rock with the use of brute thin air, but we don't take that route... only a very small percentage even pretend to be attempting it and a vanishingly small percentage of those actually make it, but why is that?

It's the one way that doesn't require permission or money or even any outward sign of rebellion or accumulation to accomplish. It is the one way where, despite legions of charlatans, one ultimately needn't be impeded by any mindfucks over which one has not got ultimate control. It's the perfect answer to everyone's predicaments, and nope.


Enlightenment involves a lot of bewilderment along the route to its perfection, but none of it is harder in the long run than what we all grow up taking for granted is the price of life on this planet. Not even close. So, again, WTF?

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