the lynchpin

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The entire basis upon which one can argue cogently about a Secret Space Program involves the ability to neutralize radiation or nobody from earth is or ever has been out there building stuff on other planets or their moons.

Full stop.

Stop again.

This one argument can stop everyone big on humanity getting out there into the cosmos dead in their tracks... as long as you take known and admitted laws of physics as your baseline or your gospel. If you can't see this point, you need to study the basics again, or at least give an old textbook a hard skim.

As you might remember, though, I am not worried about nuclear accidents decimating most life on earth for many millennia into the future, and, I am certain, neither are the governments of the world, because the same mechanism used to powderize the twin towers also neutralizes radiation. That same physics gives us field propulsion... the ability to build and use huge and silent spacecraft that defy the known laws of physics as vividly as all of us saw on 9/11 and some UFO nuts have seen on other occasions.

Granny Fussbudget maintains that this field propulsion creates a pocket around that which it is propelling that is impervious to radiation... and I think he would have to be right about that. If you put that together with Admiral Janeway's maths yielding up a spectacular number of completely off the books trillions of dollars for what possible earthly use, ta-da! You don't have to sound like a total nut to anyone with an IQ above room temperature.

Thing is, neither he nor Admiral Janeway, nor anyone in the little groups of researchers they invite to come expound on this to the paying public, will make this explicit in public.

They, of course, if pinned to the mat on this all-important point, and I mean pinned, NO escape hatches, will whine that it's too dangerous to be stated explicitly where enough of the right kind of people can hear. The psychopaths would be seriously displeased, and we all know what that means. One or the other or some of us get the Jihadi John treatment or, probably, something as devastating but markedly less vivid.

They would then, once you let them up from the mat, rationalize their continued "work" on it as leaving it implicit for any with intelligence to work it out for themselves, or even privately with them, slowly spreading the knowledge against the day when enough people have had it with this shit from the psychopaths to do something about it.

Then along comes ton-of-bricks me, insisting that day [1] can never come because the psychopaths have the technology now and can use it against however many anyones they want, and certainly not after they're decades better situated to use it openly and with unimpeded impunity; and [2] this failure to be explicit leaves Fussbudget, Janeway, et al, firmly and irrevocably in the entertainment business, third millennium replacements for Arthur C. Clarke and Isaac Asimov and Patrick Stewart and William Shatner....

AS crucial to humanity as Lady GaGa.

Full stop.

Stop again.

I defy you to figure out a way around this. Bam! ACTUALITY... big as heck.

Then you add in the litany of other ways those black trillions would be needing to be spent — if, of course, not merely canceled out of the "economy" fantasy to keep the books straight enough for government work — and the extent of any secret space program shrinks drastically... which then begins to square better with sense if you ask me... and, as usual, no one is asking me.

But you are then left with a friendlier feeling about, say, the Phoenix Lights, or all the reports of silent black triangles or glowing orbs defying physics overhead, stuff like that, stuff that really can't be dismissed as hallucinatory by reasonable adults.

But, also, and nobody's mentioning this... except Judy Wood... this private physics tech performs medical miracles, which is pretty damn desperately needed, yesterday, no?

So if you are unwilling to be explicit about this — EVEN at the price of your own or your family's lives — especially you physicists who understand it perfectly and could demonstrate it perfectly if you were not every bit as pusillanimous as Fussbudget and Janeway — and consequently as fraudulent in this world — mere entertainers posing as scientists — WHAT is the point of the cosmos granting you the resources — the air, the water, the soil nutrients necessary to grow your food — to exist in the first place?

always and any time....