unless you want to eat a lot of kelp

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Which I don't recommend because the sea is where all toxins end up, you should be taking a couple of drops of Lugol's 5% Solution every day. Iodine deficiency might be THE cause of prostate cancer developing in almost every man over the age of 50. Iodine is definitely the CURE for breast fibroids — like lightning — which can lead to breast cancer or a lifetime of breast biopsies if you are an idiot with good medical coverage.

When your thyroid gets enough iodine it protects many bodily systems from malfunction and disease. The internet is full of information on this. You could drop down into a well of it and never emerge from it.

People don't think that iodine deficiency could be responsible for more than goiter, and the toxic table salt we've been sprinkling on everything for more than half a century does have enough iodine that it prevents goiter, but not enough to keep the thyroid healthy, and the thyroid needs to be healthy to keep your organs from developing cancer. You dig?

So don't be a tightwad. A couple drops in a couple ounces of clean water a day will do more to prevent catastrophic illness than any other thing you can do. In fact, if you take a good D3 supplement and a couple drops of Lugol's every day, you might just live to be a hunnert, fit as a fiddle and not senile. You might!

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