your mind on newsprint

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I know I'd been threatening to keep hassling you about your storehouse consciousness, but I've been wanting to be more oblique about it, not continually be bludgeoning you over the top of your teeming heads with imprecations to STOP letting psychopaths fill up the reservoir of what has ever intersected with any of your senses because that alone brings down the whole world.

Not their doing of it, but your allowing them to do it... your attention itself.

How did they do it before the printing press? The radio. The billboards. TV. The less and less complicated system of pipes? They had to rely on decrees and rumors. It was LOT more work being psychopaths in the old days. Best send fearsome troops through the hamlets betimes to save on overhead and to keep the minions wallowing in the fear and insults to their dignity, decency, senses, because if you don't keep those topped off shit happens.


Let's see, now, how do we want to answer this? Some might say he shit his pants when he saw someone else's belt actually go off... not dummy explosives for patriotically participating in a drill after all... but I want to go with him, if he's ever even been to Paris in his life, only being the provocateur who somehow "miraculously" got the others in place, never wore a fake or real suicide belt, there is no Mother of Satan anything, and this headline is completely fabricated.

Just the way I roll.

always and any time....