before the ghoul gets to it

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You should make sure you've seen it, maybe even downloaded it. I haven't been thinking it was a very good documentary, somehow making JT come off less than he is, but it just struck me that he probably knew better how to talk to sentient beings than I do. He's had me thinking all day I should change my "awakening" label to "remembering" because THAT is what awakening is.

And I never make that explicit. This has been a bad oversight, an example of my deuced lack of impeccable deportment, especially in these days when people think "awakening" means you suddenly grok what really came down on 9/11 or wise up to the perfidies of political parties or finally figure out they didn't teach you the truth in school.

It's more than that. It's universes more than that.

Strictly speaking, it is remembering who you are.

always and any time....