i feel highly mistrustful of the good signals

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And I know you won't blame me for them, but it looks as though there is a possibility someone in DC has decided it is better to at least feign capitulation to sense than to get further identified with ISIS. Saudi and Turkey are maybe losing their grip because there's no way to ally with them that squares with the only way the West can do war.

It looks as though Putin may be winning this fifteen-year-old log rolling competition with the psychopaths. He stated his intention, his plan, a very long time ago, and has not veered from it for all this time. An unspeakable amount of death and destruction may be being averted just now.

This, of course, is the most dangerous time with any psychopath. Just as you start to feel the joy of a breath of fresh air about to bless your chapped nostrils and cleanse your wilting lungs... blammy... and the disappointment is that much more bitter. This is the way of them.

And the major reason We The People are veritable zombies. Uncountable thwarted breaths of fresh air. So be cautiously optimistic, kids. Don't bank on jolly season just yet.

always and any time....