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It scares me sometimes that there are people running around out there with such an absence of any ability to grok abstraction in any form. Reminds me of Irvin, who's obsessed with purveying intellectualism, because he has no IQ but knows how to sound like he has one. A few people listen to him, too. Terrifying.

That's the beauty of mindfucking! You moot any attempt to interfere with you by leading nitwits down the garden path and by scaring the smart people watching you do it right down into their bones... two birds with one stone.

Lucky, for some, I guess, that Michael has the energy to refute this poppycock...
A contrived set of theories which don't stand up on close examination, particularly from a philosophical perspective.

For me the flaw is evident from Dubay's concluding remarks about the REASONS for the so-called "Masonic" deception. Dubay wishes us to take for granted that Masonic conspiracy exists. It believe it does exist, but that it has nothing whatever to do with altering man's perception of the planet in relation to the universe. I believe that the idea that this is the Masonic agenda is ludicrous.

The conspiratorial elite aim at controlling MINDS. Everything else is subservient to that process. It follows that once they achieve this goal, they have no reason whatsoever to continue wasting time and resources on highly elaborate and relatively easily refuted conspiracies. They know that once a program of this sort is refuted and exposed (as it is sure to be), their entire agenda is universally undermined. And they are far too smart to leave themselves open to counter-strikes of this kind.

In other words, their primary agenda is to affect minds in ways that minds are highly UNLIKELY to discern. It is in this work that they excel, and anyone who knows anything about "Masonic" conspiracy knows that this is their focus, genius and triumph. The elites do not, and would not, waste time contriving illusions that are easily discerned by those under the spell. There's is too much to lose. The mind-controlled must never be alerted to the fact that he is mind-controlled. Once behavior is controlled, their job is done. And we can be sure that man's thought and behavior has indeed been subject to remote control. However, the project falls apart if the subject awakens to discover that he and his fellows have been victimized by an external fallacy. To find out that one has been duped about a flat earth is a far easier revelation than to find out that one has been psychologically controlled. And to find out that one has been duped as to a physical factor serves to UNDERMINE the agenda of the arch-conspirator. (All competent film editors know they have failed to create a captivating movie if the audience is aware of the techniques employed to make that movie.)

But now to convey the most serious criticism. Around 1:55:00, when summarizing, Dubay gives us the supposed REASONS for the conspirator's elaborate artifice. However, his "philosophical" presumptions or speculations are valueless, and in no way reinforce or prove the apparently science-based remarks throughout the bulk of his monologue. The idea that the Masons have fooled humankind into believing it lives on a globe in order to "materialize" or despiritualize it is simply preposterous. The reasons why man has spiritual aspirations in the first place are not addressed by Dubay. If they were addressed, his own theory would fall flat on its face.

For example, one of the main reasons for man's spiritual ardor is the beauty that surrounds him - the beauty of nature. Now the phenomenon of beauty exists regardless of whether man lives on a globe, cube or flat plane. Another source of spirituality is man's own ability to convert nature's beauty into art, song and music. Again, this propensity does not change based on whether or not the earth is a globe. Another key underlying reason for man's spiritual or religious sensibility is his innate sense of humanity, a consequence of his living among other humans in tribes and communities. This phenomenon stands whether the earth is a globe or not. Moreover, man's spirituality is partly a consequence of his dream life, that is his inner life or imagination. However, again, the natural activity of man's psyche remains constant regardless of whether the earth is a globe or not.

So given that these roots of spirituality are unaffected by the earth's shape, we see that Dubay cannot turn to spirituality, or its lack, as a proof for flat earth. We see that Dubay's attempt to give a philosophical account of why the "Masons" have gone to the ridiculous lengths to deceive the entire human race - namely, to despiritualize and control them - is extremely weak and spurious when offered as proof for the flat-earth theory. What is more, Dubay tells us nothing about man's own love of enslavement and falsity.

The forces that enslave and dehumanize are not solely from without. They do not solely rain down from the hidden elite. That is a widely held fiction, and is demonstrably false. Man's sorry condition is largely the consequence of his own aberrant relationship WITH HIMSELF. And it is man's own penchant for delusion, violence and self-sadism that leaves him open to control from without. Indeed, man cannot be controlled by any external force unless he has first psychologically and emotionally disempowered himself. Dubay, like so many others with little to no psychological knowledge, has things the wrong way around.

If it was as he says, then the case for humankind would be entirely hopeless. Man would be a will-less automaton unable to awaken and change his state. But bad as things are in our world, this is simply not the case. This means that volition remains a key factor. Sure man can find himself controlled and manipulated, but he is at all times and stages quite capable of freeing himself from that state. If it were, as Dubay contends, a matter of external tyranny only, then there would be no question of man saving himself and turning against the forces of control.

So, in short, in my opinion, Dubay's theory of WHY the conspirators have hidden the truth about a "flat earth" (given that such a thing exists) is utterly wrongheaded and inadequate, at least from a philosophical perspective. And once we see that no external force, no matter how actual and tyrannical, would undertake such a bizarre and costly conspiracy, only to be at high risk from being exposed, shows us that we can rightly or logically conclude that the flat earth theory has not been hidden by way of an artful and prolonged conspiracy, and is not plausible.

Indeed, using Dubay’s own statements, false as they are, we can say that Masons are more likely to disorient people by positing FLAT EARTH THEORY. It is this theory that confounds sense and leads man to doubt his position in the universe. It is this theory that perplexes and leads to feelings of meaninglessness. Yes, of the two positions, Masons are more likely to have contrived and disseminated the FLAT EARTH THEORY to bring about a desired despiritualization of humankind, not to mention further blacken the name of the alternative research community in the eyes of the moronic public who would use anything to reject everything we stand for.

- Mtsar
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