my intuition validated

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You don't have to listen long before you get the general thrust of it, and that definitely IS the same voice, but I thought I'd google it to look for myself, and beside the stuff regarding Fetzer and friend's work, there were some 9/11 sites on which the snake oil saleswoman had commented, which strengthens their case.

So my original take seems to be confirmed.

I have tried twice to discuss the "no planes" thing with Fetzer, having had two problems left with switching to it, but he would only address one of them; to wit: that the airplane bits in the street near WTC were shown to be from the wrong kind of planes. I never saw this, but I will take that on faith because Fetzer isn't a liar.

Still he wouldn't answer about how that might be evidence of what did hit the towers rather than evidence of them dropping stuff in the streets that would make plane hits look real. That would have been reasonable for two reasons: [1] there have been so many witnesses insisting they saw one or both of the planes hit; and [2] the pieces found in the streets were seen to be on fire.

The one scenario I have proposed to everyone I can think could address the matter cogently, determined not to write off all those eye witnesses as mistaken without exhausting every possibility first — that the molecular dissociation from a scalar weapon that caused the powderization of the cement and steel and glass of the towers was already far enough along by the time of the crashes to admit planes or missiles that would leave those Wile E. Coyote cutouts in them we all saw — drew no response from any of them, except Granny Fussbudget, who told me that's exactly right. Still, he's not a physicist and I'm still trying my best to get someone to address this from a knowledgeable enough POV to help bring all maniacs on all sides onto the same page with each other.


My mahjongg fortune just came up and I thought it said, "You are far more ineffectual than you think," but unused to it confirming my worst fears so unequivocally, I screwed up my focus and it, in fact, says, "You are far more influential than you think."

So. Some killer genius physicist just shamed into brute honesty by the death of John Trudell, is reading this post and deciding to get out there on the world stage and blow the whistle on the private physics at last.

always and any time....