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Just take a couple drops of Lugol's every day and they'll be gone in a week or two.

Look, I know it's overwhelming to try to deal with all the wildly intricate, and despicably expensive advices of crackpot naturopaths, that it ends up so much easier to just submit to the doctor's ministrations when something's wrong, even though that's much harder and least effective of all, because it's traditional. We all decided to think Doctor Knows Best and it is the single most effective tool for a feeling of mental stability when the chips are down.

I get that.

And if yer too bewildered and feeling out of your depth, you aren't going to find too many people who will argue with you about heading straight for the doctor when you feel like crap. In fact, you're liable to come in for some abuse if you do not, but, it is a great help for you to understand what's going on with people, what they're actually doing when they fill up websites with information about what ails you, or about political matters, or shit in the news, or quilting, or space aliens, what have you.

Our reality isn't the same as rabbits' reality or bears' or whales' or bugs'. We live in consensual reality... which means a bunch of people we never knew decided what reality served them best and passed it down through generations and the generations enforced it, and by it I mean thin air, and we find ourselves here. Whales have a consensual reality, too, but theirs is based on real reality. They move in pods and coƶperate for food and defense... which was a lot like people's consensual reality before the psychopaths created "order". You know, reasonable.

So you get people who've gone to get degrees in whatever branch of consensus interests them most, or seems to them to be the best bet for making a living, or it's just handy when nothing else is, whatever, and the basis they are learning to perpetuate on into the future of mankind is what it is. They are, in some cases, free to embellish, but the basis is the basis. Everybody agrees, and you don't change that unless you come with nukes.

Because regular socialized, conditioned, humans will follow their conditioning before they will risk ostracism from their crowd, take any of the routes their crowds will call good, even unto death, before they will even dream of cancelling out their conditioning and giving anything a real and intelligent review... and DEFINITELY before they will listen to anybody who isn't their kind.

There are a million different levels of discernment in that action, too. I have met people who signed their house over to a con artist because, he wore a nice suit and drove a late model car... guessed they should've become suspicious when he insisted on meeting them in the lobby of "his office" building... but, yes, they checked him out before they did business with him.

No shit.

Online, it's most liable to be those with the right kind of graphical design on their site, and the easiest navigation. The images they use pander to the lifestyle most apt to appeal to their target demographic. There are some fucking awesomely chic snake oil salesmen on the pipes. You don't have time or you don't have patience or you are just plain too scared and unsure.

Fibroids. The basis. Or if yer a dude. Total bullshit. But wrapped in glorious consensus and guaranteed social acceptance and livelihood.

You aren't getting enough iodine for your thyroid to help keep your organs healthy. For twenny five bucks you can buy a little jar that will last for many months and clear up your fibroids and hyperplasia in just days. Or use another form, just with all the toxic dumps into the sea, I think you ought to pass up the seafood route. I imagine it might not work for someone whose problem isn't what they think it is or whose body doesn't do health for too many more reasons than just iodine deficiency, but I have not found them.

And since there are so many toxins in the food and air and water that your thyroid will uptake instead of the iodine it's not getting, everybody should be doing this or finding another safe means to get enough iodine. In fact, it might be we never needed so much iodine until the pollution became this bad. There's a chicken and egg problem for you. Anyway, you need it and iodized salt doesn't cut it.

You don't have to give up coffee and chocolate and squeeze pearls of sap from rare plants and sniff essential oils and apply stinky poultices or fork over a couple hunnert a month for the latest in powerful micronutrients, or die of pharmacy-induced stress and bank drainage or schedule the surgery that maybe prevents you reproducing but stops the bleeding.

Just put a couple drops of Lugol's Solution in a couple ounces of water every day and swig it down. Your problem will be gone very soon.

always and any time....