this would have been my mother

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I want to go on and on about ravens, about Haida Gwaii, emote all over this place on my visceral connection with that place and that bird, but, somehow, my evil mother is shoving them off my mindscape here for just a moment.

The reason it is so hard to parse the awfultude of my relationship with my mother is that this would have been her. Faced with a raven in distress, she'd've done exactly this. If you are a creature in distress she will fix you up. The force of her will lines up with your welfare.

If you are a human under, say, eight years old, this holds. If you are a horse younger than five this holds. She's only this great with megafauna when they're babies.

After that, well, it goes downhill.

No matter WHAT you do... except if you will calibrate your lies to match hers.

always and any time....