trying to deal with news and blogs today

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It's all too stupid, except Italy wanting out of the Russia sanctions bullshit... and an experiment that might work out....

Sad as I feel, I find myself wanting to pound my fist about the idiocy abounding and I know John did too. Seems from a piece I read this morning that he was surrounded by family and people from tribes all over when he died. It was an event. Not public and not private. Sort of like having to invite people to your wedding if you're going to invite anyone at all.

Thunder is rumbling. Sheafs of rain dotted with hail. And silence. It's a blend of planet and rejection of killers here just now, and a little meditation on gender queer pronouns while our might is flowing to mass slaughter is starting to make me understand why he left.

He'd already done so much more than we deserved. They had 17,000 pages on him. They killed his wife and children. Because he was right. They don't want you clear and coherent. Just about anything else is okay by them, but NOT that. So he kept to that. He could live in that.

Look at the headlines. Look anywhere you want. Clear and coherent is prohibited.


Because the psychopaths lose when you are clear and coherent.

always and any time....