we don't care what politicians and celebrities thought of jt

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We care about JT.
On that day, $66,000 went from federal coffers to the National Congress of American Indians’ bank account, and NCAI delivered a briefcase of cash to some leaders to end the occupation and go home. Six people got $10,000 each; five left town, leaving everyone else to split up $6,000. Only JT stayed.

People gathered in the BIA cafeteria, where Frank Ray and Gerald Crane (Sac & Fox) tried to work out a distribution formula, with butcher-block paper, an easel and magic markers. It was apparent that the $6,000 was not going to stretch as far as needed.

Most of the people were waiting to see if they could get gas money and something for sandwiches, red pop and, of course, cigarettes. Some of the elders were pretty tired and had modest requests — maybe a night in a motel and a couple of hot meals.

JT jumped onto one of the tables, tossing nearly $10,000 out to the people, saying, “Here’s one $10,000 those fuckers aren’t going to get.”
Because HE was the one who cared about us.


For real.
Wilma Mankiller, Principal Chief of the Cherokee Nation and longtime family friend recalls, in her autobiography, one encounter with Trudell that exemplifies his unwavering perspective and intractability. During one of his visits to the Cherokee tribal headquarters, he walked into her office sporting a Mohawk haircut. Upon seeing him she remembers shaking her head and telling him that he was one of her “most bizarre friends.” His succinct response, laden with irony, was, “You have the nerve to sit there and tell me that I’m bizarre? Here you are in this complex running a great big bureaucratic organization. What about you? I think you’re the one who is bizarre.” She looked down at her desk, her business suit, her multiple phone lines and realized exactly what his point was.
Not for show.


Sustained over his lifetime.
We live under an authoritarian system, an industrial technologic mind set that has discovered and developed a way to mine, to take the being part of human, the spirit part of human and convert it into energy and then use that energy to power their system, to run their system. They are literally eating our spirits. Literally eating our spirits... But the antibiotic to dealing with these people, these vampires -- and it is, it is vampires, cannibalization -- the antibiotic to this disease is our intelligence. We were given intelligence by the creator. We have intelligence. That is the antibiotic. That is the cure. There is no existing cure to the problem other than the one we will create by using our intelligence as intelligently and as clearly as we possibly can. To use our intelligence as intelligently as we possibly can.
Not only when it served celebrity or profit.

always and any time....