we've known this for over 50 years

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Has it come to girls having to learn about synthetic fabrics from Rupert Murdoch? I've been noticing that they're even dispensing with the de rigueur cotton crotches in definitely not cotton hosiery and panties and leggings. It has become extremely difficult to find natural fiber fabrics for these items. So either they've just been hoping none of us mind anymore or they forgot and "we" went along with it.

I've been giving myself migraines in my search for all cotton leggings. They can be had, but they are now so thin as to greatly resemble good old fashioned pantyhose. I didn't even know you could make cotton that thin... and it is rumored that you really can't. You start with cotton, but you put it through so many chemicals that it isn't cotton when you're done making it fine enough to produce these, but you can still call it cotton because that's what you started with.

In effect, they're using cotton to make polyester nowadays.

In fact, for the last two weeks I've been messaging seamstresses on Etsy about making me some actual cotton leggings. This afternoon I waylaid the local seamstress who makes a living on wedding dresses and alterations. She charges a fortune, but it might come to that, because, believe me, when they say "all cotton leggings" when you're shopping online they are NOT, and the stores don't even carry liars' cotton leggings anymore. It's ALL plastic. All "warm" "fleece" plastic.

I can't wear them for more than a couple hours before my skin starts trying to get away. After two days of searching, I finally found a fabric dealer that sells real cotton french terry out of which leggings can be made. I think I need a sugar daddy to buy me a couple bolts of it so I can die clothed.

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