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Maybe I put too much emphasis on psychopaths being behind all this. It is true, but it might not be true in the sense of a little cabal of ultra-wealthy mental defectives deciding to enslave us all one dark day millennia ago, or an ultra-psychopathic cabal united to overthrow the just plain usual level psychopaths in charge. All this life and death struggle might be simply the natural consequence of greed making money the way to keep things "fair" between people... the hedge against, say, natives trading a hunk of land the size of South Dakota for a basket full of pretty beads.

Whatever. The introduction of money into the universal necessity of livelihood at all insures this kind of high stakes strife is more usual than it would have been without that adulteration. You might think your life is worth more than a craps shoot, but, if you just think about it for more than a superficial flash, you will see that life is no more dependable than a game of craps. Yes, there are "safety" measures that can help hedge disasters, but they can't hold out against the caprice of existing at all.

Adding the use of money into human existence was just a way to quit having to mindfuck so hard to keep on top, a way they maybe even thought was fair to let some rise to lives of optimum insulation against the elements. It doesn't matter.

It is NOT a good measure of who's deserving and who's not. In fact, letting people judge who's deserving and who's not is an extremely tricky business in a world where the discernment of actuality is this heavily mined with skulls full of delusion.

A little-known fact is that farming is bliss. You think it's just fantastical amounts of toil, back-breaking labor, something only endurable by the gods of physical fitness. You're an idiot. It makes you fit and keeps you that way. Your life is your own in a way unmatched by most other pursuits. The sense of satisfaction with your existence is unmatched by most other pursuits. Your overall physical and mental and emotional health is optimized in ways unmatched by most other pursuits.

You think white people won't take the jobs and so colored people have to do them. You think farmers can't afford white people's wages and so colored people have to do them. You think propaganda that was designed to put a few fat cats in charge of everything. You can take back control from them.

Maybe the fastest way for the humans on earth to get back control from them is to abolish corporations, but they've already distanced you from that idea by saturating you with anti-corporate sloganeering for a few decades.

You're so far down the ceaseless litany of mindfucks this reminder will fall into your soup and be lost forever amid all the other boiled things in there.

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