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I loved him from the first time I saw him. I even pictured him as Snape when Peggy made me read that silly book, long before they made the movie. The Sheriff of Nottingham and the Smoking Caterpillar. Perfection every time.

And I think, dear, dear friends, we are going to be losing each other with grim regularity as the days polka by. We always have been, but it's starting to get mighty personal, innit?

Rickman was way up near the very top of my list of good reasons not to abandon movies completely... and, actually, he kind of highlights my point about Bowie, that he'd nearly missed his calling completely. A movie with Alan Rickman and David Bowie in it would have been something miraculous to behold.

Except, well, yes, we did have a movie with both of them in starring roles and it's not turning out so well.

always and any time....