assuming they aren't lying

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They are still not on it.

And the very conception of accomplishing it is one of the most terrifying aspects of the psychopathic spectrum at play in the world. It isn't just the monsters pulling the levers. They're the worst, but it's clear these products of sentience, these ideas, emanate from minds really so clever it's blinded them to their stupidity... well... and, it must be noted, so conceited.

Not even the very most impressively programmed of the meat calculators encased in skulls seems capable of piercing the fog of self-preservation that continues to masquerade as you. So lots of times even your meat head is making a big noise about it, but the fog just shunts it off into, say, vague feelings of anxiety before it can even register in the laser of clarity, ever begin to form into a basis for coherent action.

You keep trying to be productive in the fog, you are functionally the same as a psychopath. You keep going to beauty to retrieve your clarity and coherence, but you keep squirreling them back away before you even get back through your front door. The beauty is there for this very reason, to preserve your clarity, and you keep missing it and going back for it and losing it again every time.

Ask yourself what benefit can come of teaching machines to be psychopathic for us. Why would that be so urgent? Who's behind all this juice to come up with real AI? Once they can get a good enough for government work approximation hoked up, what need have they for you? Do you think they're back there on the wrong side of your fog scheming up ways to delight you with leisure and entertainment? Look at your prescriptions. Look at your bills. Look at the labels on your food. Look at the news.

You can't go to the authorities. You can't place your faith in the next generation. You can't yell loudly enough. Complain to your heart's content. Protest all you want.

Still. There is something for it.

always and any time....