i didn't get to like him long enough

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He was hard for me to like. Always was. I outright loved him in The Man Who Fell to Earth. That was his best moment, if you ask me, and you shouldn't ask me because I don't appreciate him like most people do. His songs were okay. A few of them darn good. His personae... well... not so much. I did very seriously approve of his marriage to Iman and was proud of him for it... downright pleased.

There was one song about America a while back I thought was great.

You'll pardon me for beginning to think 69 might be the new 27.

He almost entirely missed his calling. Movies.

I am sorry for everyone's loss, but his first wife was just yesterday starting a PR campaign for a book smearing him up one side and down the other and I hear he was just releasing a new album and they've all probably known this was in the pipeline, so to speak, so, dammit, that's so crass.

always and any time....