more than obsessively reading labels

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You really want to get a master's degree in toxin mitigation. You, like our government agencies, might think that just because you can eat or drink or breathe in something and you don't keel over whatever you ate or drank or breathed in isn't toxic... or maybe you know it's just not likely to immediately affect you negatively.

But did you ever get a micro-dose of something that made you feel radically better right away? There are galaxies of revelation in that. When my thyroid finally pooped out, started its inexorable slide into oblivion, I was something like fifty pounds heavier than I'd ever been in my life, sitting on the edge of my bed staring at my shoes and wondering if expending the chi to put them on my feet was actually a better option than just getting back under the covers. Somehow, in my core, I realized that thought process could not be a hallmark of my life, that if this could not be made to go away, best I borrow a gun to get a slug of mercy into my brain.

The doctor saw that it didn't matter what the blood tests said, I was in bad need of some thyroid hormone. She started me off on a ridiculously low dose. Something like fifteen milligrams? Thirty? Just a smell in any case and wham! My lights immediately started coming back on. Bingo. The pills, actual size, wouldn't have filled ten pixels by ten pixels on an image, so small I'd most likely be fucked if I ever dropped one... smaller than a lower case letter on a typewriter... practically nothing. That wasn't enough to fix me, it turned out, but it RADICALLY improved me none the less.

Maybe fewer mold spores than it would take to make a pill that size can make you crazy irritated and sneezing gobs of snot into your atmosphere until you get relief. The smell of hairspray. A blast of Raid on an ugly bug in the other room. Someone cleaning the windows nearby. The taste of plastic in hot food or drink... or even when it's so slight you can't exactly taste it... like how coffee tastes out of a plastic car cup. What about the difference in how fried eggs taste when you fried them in a copper pan instead of an aluminum one? Try it sometime. What does that mean?

It means you'd not only live longer, but feel better on your way to the grave, if you got serious about mitigating the toxins in your vicinity and maximizing the nutrients in your food. It means modern medicine would have enabled us to live twice as long if the poisons were not also everywhere around us. It means that if I could have gotten more iodine in my diet and less fluoride, even one drop either way every day, my thyroid almost certainly would not have lost its shit. It also means that if you would be putting more iodine in your body you would not be getting prostate cancer or breast cancer and your whole body would work better.

It means, no matter what age you are, every day you ignore this fact works against your quality of life the next.

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