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Progressive-fascist pigs are trying to turn me into a raving maniac. He wasn't "rifling", you fucks, you self-aggrandizing excrement sculptures, you yibbering harbingers of the apocalypse, you indecent murderating drips of acid slobber, you never should have been born nightmares in putrid skinbags.

Finicum is right there in living color asking the Paiutes for a sit down to discuss this stuff.

I don't care if the Paiutes knew the stuff was stored there and how. That's not the point. The point is that so-called sacred artifacts weren't supposed to have been touched in the first place, and certainly not boxed for rats to nest in at a BLM office on a "bird sanctuary" which was NO SUCH THING.

And maybe I ought to bring up the fact that the remnant Paiutes in the area don't seem to be big on anything preservative of their heritage so much as just capitalizing on the remains and melting into their individual futures in relative comfort. That bit with the thriving casino burning down and neglecting to be rebuilt is a pretty heavy indicator of it, no?

So maybe even those rumors of the feds wanting to sell uranium mining rights there could be true?

And neither mining rights nor logging rights profits go to The People. They go to the miners and loggers and the politicians they've bribed with campaign donations. So don't give me any of your shit about how that land belongs to all of us.

It IS a federal takeover of OUR property.

That was NOT a "traffic stop".

That was an ambush and Murder One.

Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you.

That was a NICE man, who wanted the best for you. And your despicable cleverisms like "Y'all Qaeda" and "Vanilla ISIS" are going down in the annals of lethally shameful slogans of subhuman incarnations of filth.


Finicum came out with his hands up; was shot; reached for his gun while turning away from officer lower right screen; was shot again as he was turning, by officer advancing from behind. That was no "traffic stop". That was an ambush. He wasn't charging them. They were killing him.

always and any time....