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And how much it fazed the psychopaths. And here too... and how much it fazed anyone. The battle is within what you call your identity.

Michael Tsarion's comment on this latter bloviation:
Man needs his big daddy and will implode without him. Therefore the master-slave dynamic will never end. I've spent 17 long years explaining exactly why complacency exists, and not one person has shown genuine interest in the FACTS, or cares to address the deep layers of trauma at the base of the ego, the trauma that elites bank on and use to galvanize their control. This video is nothing but a sour, uneducated rant and dodge, avoiding the FACTS. Unless one knows the anatomy of evil, there can never be real change in the world. Unless one has the psychic hygiene to free themselves from requiring masters above and slaves below, they can rant all they want about the crimes of big government. Nothing will be put in its place by the slaves under its control, even if they succeed in bringing the establishment of the moment down… which they have no chance of doing… because inwardly people have absolutely no interest in changing the status quo. Humanity has left consciousness at the door… and is now reaping the consequences. All the FACTS have long been placed on a plate in front of you… but unless you're actually starving, you won’t care to digest them. So enjoy the end of civilization, the stage-managed decline, and bogus solutions that the next fake spin-doctor or mass-hypnotist place before you. Authentic change is never for the masses. It is only for the individual, if you can find one.
is pretty well in line with mine.

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