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And it's why I wish the neo-Victorian harpies would just go congregate in a cave for the rest of time, or drop dead if they can't stifle themselves. Even if it were the absolute worst, most despicable deed imaginable, which it isn't, but even if it were, all this sanctimonious warbling and censorious shrieking is part of what makes it so traumatizing for the victims.

The other part is how profitable victimhood is these days.

So, at least for kids who've reached puberty and were not forcibly raped, could we just mellow out? I know for certain I was fully able to consent at 13, even though I didn't for years after that, and I also know that there were girls consenting like crazy at that age, two of them pregnant in my exclusive upper-class eighth grade graduation ceremony, and with their parents' backing.

Lori's mother was as big on it as was Roman's supposed victim's mother... and the Tate parents were fine with him taking care of BOTH their daughters in this manner. My mother was fine with suitably wealthy older men paying attention to me, so long as it was courting in the light of day. People are completely amenable to skirting the rules this way when it looks as though it might be in the youngster's "best interests"... according them a better rung on the socio-economic ladder.

Yeah, it's crass. Unbelievably crass. But almost no one is immune to it. If you think you are, it's likely you never had the opportunity to find out for certain. I did. On a number of occasions, and, silly me, I turned them all down. My mother never forgave me for it.

So, even though I highly disapprove of lecherous older men latching-on to teenyboppers or even significantly younger women, it isn't sexual prudery behind it. It's more a spiritual matter... the near impossibility of too widely varying levels of life experience having something that could approximate a real marriage together. A few couples manage it, despite the years, but mostly it's the inability to be married, the inability to love, at work in these liaisons.

That is the rub for me.

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