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Because each one is as true as the other. You can't fathom infinity, eternity. Because you start and end and everything you experience seems also to start and end, you can't fathom that being itself never started and never ends.

I've brought it up before.

Imagine the universe, or all universes if you can't help yourself, completely devoid of any matter, just nothingness in all directions with no boundary in any of them. There can't have been a start to that and there cannot be an end to that either, even as it is apparently interrupted here and now by planets and stars and plants and animals, by stuff. Just take that all out, even yer goofy dimensions, hypothetically, while you contemplate that before everything there was pure, unadulterated nothing.

Nothing can happen anywhere because everywhere is nothing.

Only nothing exists.

Since everything, except nothing, as far as we can tell, starts and ends, nothing really has to have been before and maybe also has to be after, depending on whether nothing ever tires of stuff... permanently or temporarily.

The only way you can extrapolate this from uninterrupted nothingness is if you realize nothing either never was not conscious or became conscious at some point. Can't put a time on it because of it never starting or ending. You could say it was a spit second ago or a trillion years ago and one would be as right as the other.

You might say we are nothing's virtual reality game... or dream... or sense organs. You could probably think up more ways to look at it, but my point wants to be about this world we are making. Since, if you are serious, and bone marrow honest, you have to admit you do have free will, even when you are a slave, the point of living, of being born and dying, cannot be other than to make the world.

The only other bit you ought to be contemplating is that every point in the cosmos is its center. There is as much inside your skin as there is outside it. Man or atom.

always and any time....