soggy miscellany

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Last night was silent after the long hailstorm. The rain set back in for serious about the time most people were trying to drag their sorry asses to work. It has let up to a sprinkle a couple of times, but it's been over eight hours of hard downpour again today... so far.

I bet you didn't know the bastions of scientism are hard at work to figure out ways to trump the the tidal wave of people opting to get over their squeamishness and just do the healthy poop enema bug transplant that can give them back their lives with some genetic mumbo jumbo they can sell for megabucks.

Shall we pipe up and get the Bundys to Yosemite? Feds seem to need them.

I don't know about smarter, but it does hold back the dumber... except the site name is definitely just more horse shit for you to eat.

And yer already eating too much of that.

And this is why I'm not going to get over the creeping conspiracy feeling whenever a cultural icon dies before their time... and 69 is still very usually before anyone's time.

always and any time....