the health food industry is FUBAR

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My hero has recently been holding forth in Toronto. He talks a lot of stuff that "normal" people find utterly fantastic, to put it mildly, but he's saved a lot of miserable people. You miserable? Anything wrong?

Believe me, even if you are rich/insured, you can't afford a doctor. Yeah, I know, you can't avoid them sometimes, but if you want to get well, you will consult Tony Pantalleresco, weird as you might think he is.

Even though his primary focus these days is Morgellons, and you don't have that, or don't think you have that, it is his opinion that everybody has Morgellons and the people showing symptoms are just the healthy ones, the ones whose immune systems are still kicking... mox nix... healthy or not, weird or not, he has oceans of good things to at least let pass into your consciousness through your ears.

Because it is very likely you are going to run into health problems that want to ruin/end your life and you're going to find the doctor provides little relief and a fuck ton more negative expenditure of the chi you need to get better.

No. Really. I don't believe this "nano" and "pico" shit... or if I do I'm not going to these lengths in the physical realm, am 100% focused on the spritual one... but I also know that if the idea is there, the psychopaths are going to go at it, just for ducks, and they are dumping shit on us and making our food and water and air into poison, so don't look down your nose at anyone yelling about it. He hardly sleeps from all the research papers he pores over, meaning he's steeped 'round the clock with stuff from "dignified" types with their brains fixed on the outer limits of biochemistry, and the psychopaths would do it.

I also know that with the unrelenting radiation levels and heavy metals in everything, including dropping out of the sky, we are being turned into antennae, whether it's their aim or not. Still. Bottom line. Whatever ails you, listening to Tony and trying whatever you think might help you, will almost certainly help you.

When the chips are down and you aren't able to put it together for yourself, pummeled by illness and the industry thriving on it to a pulp, reach out to him and you will be on your way to feeling better... even... if yer too dim to take in all the information and act on it, reach out to me and I'll help you keep your brain on track until you can get it back.

I just can't be driving halfway across the country to be doing it when you've been ignoring tumors the size of grapefruits for so long you can't even consume nutrients anymore. I'm not a fucking dog sitter while you go off to die of suicide by cancer, okay? Other than that, though, I know what it's like to feel so crappy you can't deal and I will help you.

always and any time....