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It's been a month... and I've been learning all kinds of things I probably would have wanted to live without in that time. Yessirreebub. Daily updates on the ways people interpret things through the lenses of their own delusion can still blow my mind... and it worries me even that most of us still think this is righteous.

The point isn't that there are all manner of different views. The point is always the actuality all these differing views cloud up. Actuality is right here playing out all around us, but each of us is off in our own movie. Truth playing out without us.

So many people are lauding the connectivity of the internet, pontificating about all the improvements in our lives that might come of it, when it is really more of an orchestral crescendo intensifying our involvements in our movies... a vast Spielbergian soundtrack enhancement beginning to resemble a Wagnerian planet opera.



Finally there is video, but still there is no sound. I cannot believe how much technical horse shit comes down all over us, clogging our pores and threatening our neurons, in this supposedly advanced technological "civilization"... and I'm losing my optimism, here, big time.



Sound is coming and going.

These guys might be stoned.

always and any time....