i don't want to belabor ugly things

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That's just filling life up with ugly. You gotta not close your eyes to it, but dwelling on it, especially when you're not going to do anything about it, is only fueling it.

So I want to mention that I've recently been reminded of how gelatin or bone broth is both good for me and could help me sleep. Tony highly recommends it, and I started to do it, but the fantastic amount of nail clipping this necessitates put me off it.

Still, that's maybe good exercise and it's seriously good for countering the aches and pains from when you sleep wrong, or lost to a fucking dandelion, or have arthritis of any sort. So maybe I oughta buck up.

This maybe seems a strange connection, but the fact that more and more sites are getting nasty about ad blockers has thrown me into a revery about my quality of life, about feeling better and producing more content that remains aloof from commercialism, from the evolution of the pipes into the ultimate entrainment tool.

always and any time....