i worry

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About people who depend too heavily on their doctors. It isn't really that they're all psychopaths. It's more that the system is psychopathic and the doctors are too afraid of bucking that system not to treat you almost exactly like a psychopath treats you.

Even if they're not innately aces at superficial charm, they come to be extremely quickly because they have so many people whipping in and out of their examining rooms that if even one of them wants actual examination the whole day is thrown hours off schedule.

So they're taught all kinds of hoity toity lies in med school and trained to become imperious about it and then they are thrown into practice that is no such thing... one minute for pleasantries, four minutes for patient griping, two minutes for diagnosis and dreaming up any conceivably connectable labs, three more minutes for getting prescriptions ordered, flirting with a coworker, or going to pee, or grabbing a snack, and forgetting to chart the encounter because it's time for their next patient.

And that is if it's a laid-back practice. The time frames shorten considerably as the profit margins want fattening. Most doctors see more than fifty patients a day. They don't even recognize you after seeing you ten times. They know to act like they do from your chart.

So it doesn't take very long at all before you can't tell them from the real deal.

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