such a weird day

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I woke just as though my brain had been set to listen to the travesty in Evil Hour this morning. The moment it was clear they would come out one at a time, I knew there was going to be trouble... a holdout... or two. Those last four were heavily conflicted about the problem of obeying the Bible and dying for the cause.

So this left me there listening to it from, I think, just about the moment they started up the live stream, right up to where the last holdout finally took the feds shouting "hallelujah" as reason not to kill himself and to go with the others.

So I've been off on befoggled tangents all day, blowing off my cultural headache and endeavoring to engage with its denizens... being in but not of it... because I can't ever be good at it if I don't put myself through it.

So, at length, it occurred to me it is a great time to kick back and relisten to Rupe.

always and any time....