they're doubling down

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They're busted, but they don't care. Just get louder and our Einstein training will kick back in. Don't fall for it. I was trained to love Einstein, to give more weight to his work even than he did. This astrophysics is bankrupt. They know it. We don't.

The little suicide theater this morning has given me a headache, and this, though I already knew about it, made it worse. I think my mistake was trying to listen to the presser. I might've made it three or four minutes before I couldn't take it. So I just linked the short version, which is plenty bad enough.

[Although, it may be a feint by Russia, to appease the beast... or dupe it... but I'll need more, maybe a lot more, aspirin before I can feel it.]

[Oh, now, I'm toadally convinced... not.]

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