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There is no board game a computer cannot be programmed to play, and no known human who could compute faster than the machines we have now. A list of predicaments calling for a "creative move" is barely harder to program in than the rules themselves.

What do you call "intelligence"?

Thinking is barely intelligence. It is waaaay more like basic programmable game rules than most people would ever care to admit, and I in NO way am arguing a materialist's point by bringing this up, and I am also not arguing for the glorious emotional aspects so many like to include.

I'm telling you, you who absolutely do not exist, that you can't make a machine more intelligent than the materials used to build it. You could load it up with the entire Library of Congress, with all the libraries on earth, and all the game rules, and maybe even come up with something with more reliable judgement than a lot of people you know, but it can't transcend programming... even if you could make it program itself to do better when it comes up against a brick wall.

The very best machine you could get would be a psychopath... maybe even the ultimate psychopath... but, see, we've already got those. That's the whole problem.

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