do you like the information i propagate?

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Am I fucking with your very life?


Google and Hillary made this possible. Since this sort of thing has been happening virtually everywhere the administration turns its attention, some people wonder if it is not about covering for looting already accomplished, or to successfully loot where it was not politic to try it before.

Sort of like the Library of Alexandria thing. Go grab the seriously important bits of history to hide away from the unwashed and then burn it down.

You can't believe that?

Psychopaths are not like humans in their heads. You are tricked because they look like us, but they are NOT. You are also tricked because you think they couldn't possibly convert the entire system to favor their alien appetites. I gotta say, it's important for you to learn to recognize it for what it is. Not what it serves your outlook, or your nerves, or your desire to stay off their radar, to only call it.

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