does this guy make more sense to you than i do?

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While it mostly only ends up that I have spoken to men, I can't talk to men. They're so fucking obtusely left-brained about everything. It's so confusing because I do not grok how creatures so possessed of the clarity facility, can end up needing to beat the living snot out of everything with words and concepts they think can make some kind of mathematical sense.

Men always bitch about not being able to shut women up, but — heavy sigh — I can't stress to you how many times I catch them taking something fundamentally elegant and spiritually enlightening and turning it into something clunky and pointy and hopelessly convolutedly spiritually squished beyond all possibility of recognition... into a vast expanse of mercilessly murderous quicksand.

Still, it upsets me that I am supposed to be able to communicate with them in their lingo. Is this guy communicating anything valuable to you? Or is he just an ego case using buzz words he doesn't even understand?

always and any time....