don't act like prey

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I have been saying this forever and you can't know how many times people have piped up with shit like, "No way! I am so outta there." Aaazzzzzz if... like they could outrun the cat or something. I mean, even talking where they are perfectly safe from mountain lions their adrenaline blanks their brains.

It always startles me. Worries me. Do I belong here? Either I'm a mutant or some of you are unbreakably stupid. Can't seem to settle that question such that I get a medal or a ribbon or something, so I have to forget the question, forget me, and bob in this surf.

They're gorgeous creatures of cosmic love and you should wish one would adopt you. Yes, yes, you need to keep your pets away from them... and livestock. It's not as though they're perfectly tame. Just don't be an idiot and everything can work out beautifully.

always and any time....