how do i ever afford to deal with this?

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See, I'm not the only one going on about the second one. I may be the only one who remembers them from magazines and postcards and movies, but I'm not the only one on about there being two. Some think they had to be butt to butt, like bookends. Wrong. Others think the other one was across the Nile staring back at this one. Wrong. They were quite like in this illustration.

At first I thought they were closer together, on either side of the mall, but later I noticed that must have been a camera angle because they were popping up much more like we see here, but, one was not noticeably bigger than the other. The one further north had worse damage to its face. You might not have been able to tell what kind of face it was if there were not as much remnant on this one.

They were both more clearly cat-like too.

I'm not making this up. I'm not crazy. Fuck you. This is important.

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