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You might wonder why I'm against the bullshit about think-globally-and-act-locally, the insultingly simpleminded blather about how you can cause change from right there in your neighborhood. I mean, yes, you can if you can rouse the entire town against the dolts and bureaucrats and petty tyrants and corrupt bastards who run it.

How's that working out for you? How has that EVER worked out for you? AND, let's just assume you really muster your entire lifetime's worth of will and rally your neighbors and you all chase those fuckers off with your pitchforks and torches. Let's say you did that... and you instituted rules and regulations that made it IMPOSSIBLE for fucks like this to get away with it.

And, even, let's say they didn't just come in and kill everyone who got in their way. Say they shaped up or shipped out, whatever it was you were after to begin with, and you had a perfectly clean local government with all ironclad contracts and you'd even bothered to fix the economic structure there so that all the citizens were supporting each other, and all the food and products were local as well. Utopia. Perfect.

The cops don't even take grants from federal or state fascists. Drug dealers are swiftly removed from proximity and your kids are clean and your neighborhoods safe. You've fixed absolutely EVERYTHING in and around your town, plus, you have made sure to get a structure in place to replace yourselves with educated and competent public officials. Gawd, yer good.

Just assume all that, as a former HUD person insists can fix everything, can make capitalism good for people, the future she says she will die trying to bring about. Now. We're all good, right?

Right, but very, very swiftly wrong again. Why? Because ongoing success with this demands that everybody in the town be and remain both altruistic beyond corrupting and seriously well-informed enough to keep the corruption from flowing along happily right under their noses.

So. Your assignment now is to figure out how long it will be from your institution of municipal perfection to what we've got here in the instant image linkage.

always and any time....