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What if neither Putin nor his friends ever "knew" until today that they "own" those assets? We are not talking about a Girl Scout troop of plutocratic psychopaths. Nope. We are talking about freaks who mean to rule the world, and don't mind blowing your head off in your motorcade on national tv when push comes to shove.

Who on earth will resist their demands?

Certainly not some law firm in Panama.

What if the psychopaths who keep being thwarted by Putin every time they turn around have a master list of people they want thrown into this "leak"? They have the intel both on the actual data, and on anyone they care to frame. There are governments everywhere going to be ignoring any amount of probable hanky-panky in favor of confiscating the dough hidden on Mossack Fonseca's terabytes, and who does that leave to stop them?

Only someone willing to start WWIII.

They can't be happy about Putin making such a hash out of their terrorist army and their proxy's ability to keep it paid, and it really does seem to me Putin has them over a barrel there just now... or right up, maybe, until earlier today, when they may have sprung a surprise corruption guilt on him... or, of course, he never knew they knew about before.

That's the deal in power struggles with those guys. They don't play fair. They harbor little gratitude for your attempts to get along with them. And they mean to have what they want, won't let up until they are dead or certain of death if they don't.

And, even then, only temporarily.

Psychopaths 101.

Just thinking out loud.

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