as joely pointed out last night

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The great Aaron Russo made it perfectly plain. Though it's already beginning to seem antique, it's still 100% true. This stuff is old news. And nobody's done anything about it. Not even Alex, though he's never stopped making noise.

I have pointed out many times over the last ten years living in the complicated system of pipes that making noise is not enough anymore. At best, when we make the absolute most noise, whatever we're yelling about is put off for a little while and then they go ahead with it once we're sick of the subject.

When they're scared of us, noise is enough. When we're scared of them, they whisper and we jump... up out of the public eye and into our dark little corners, hoping the bad guys' attention won't land on us. Some are SO scared they bark the official line at everybody as loudly as they can, just so there's no mistaking they're on the psychopaths' side.

always and any time....