electrical beings

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In an electric universe.

You might understand why some of us are feeling electro-sensitive nowadays, especially when you take into account the amount of metal being sprayed throughout our atmosphere for so long. If you can't live in a faraday cage, or even if you can, you might want to try detoxing yourself a bit.
Tony's Detox Soup
onion – garlic – leek [any or in combination]
puree and make a soup out of this
if you have either copper or iodine add it to the bowl or add the copper to the soup
use salt and pepper {dry or fresh] as strong as you can handle it

Also supplement with magnesium citrate or malate or sulfate to reduce and remove the aluminum in the body.
I'm up for it because merely keeping the head of my bed pointed toward magnetic north isn't working like it used to.

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