i bet snowden has a headache today

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He let them use "courage is contagious" on him and it worked like a charm. This wasn't a leak by an altruist to help justice. It was a sting to besmirch people who irk psychopaths. Psychopaths have NO courage. They have chutzpah and they only play rigged games. But Snowden swallowing it in turn worked really well on all the rest of us inclined to heed him.

I don't automatically assume, then, that he is in on it. He's young and he's probably wanting to come in from the cold. I am more worried about Wikileaks just now. They took a poll on whether they should publish the entire "leak". How do they have it to publish it?

Did the psychopaths send it along to them, knowing how thoroughly [not] we all scour that stuff anyway? Or do they not recognize what they've got either? Or will aiding the psychopaths take the heat off and leave them with their egos intact, give them that vaunted passage into inactivism, into famous completely ineffective figureheads? Make it safe for them to be "opposition" now?

Both Assange and Snowden made this release of dirt what it is, and that dirt also besmirches Rafael Correa, who is Julian's protector, beside Putin, who is Edward's protector. Depending on how those two great statesmen view their wards' actions, this could also sink them. Psychopaths are not nice people.

Let's face it. They are good. They have been in the opposition cooption business for millennia. They know their shit.

Again, the only way out is in... or we could ask the space aliens to transport our psychopaths off world. We probably really can do it ourselves, except none of that is in our hands.

There are some people insisting that all this will lead to various geographic units just ceasing to play ball with the feds. That can not happen. It is fixed at the first sign. Only a mass awakening can make that succeed.

But only individual awakening, remembering, can ever turn that into reality.


. . . B E R N I E . . .

I consider this proof of my claims.

always and any time....