i fell short of my goal

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I wanted/needed to sleep until at least 4am. Only made it to midnight thirty when needing to pee overcame all my weird dreaming of encountering an old friend, a big deal green forester head honcho for a timber company.

It was at a conference somewhere I wasn't expected. I grabbed him and hugged him to smithereens as is my wont when coming face-to-face with people I really like. Somehow this necessitated me giving a formal lecture to a group of laypersons who just do not grok the imperatives of planet and consciousness, but Danny keep droning on about something as he was introducing me and my forester friend had gone off somewhere else.

We were all standing in a long oval in an empty lot in a residential suburb. I was very tall and wearing a long black robe and Danny was going on at the top of the oval, whilst I waited in the middle. Someone came up to me and asked me a question and I bitched about coming to give the requested lecture and not getting a chance to actually do it, so we got in an old muscle car and started low riding slowly around the neighborhood.

I think that's when my bladder made its pitch.

I knew it didn't feel right for me to just get straight back to sleep. Too many lights on in my skull, but I've been fooled by that before. Deep sigh. Not this time.

always and any time....