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I am watching. I don't like this guy. I think he's a charlatan with some sort of inside line to something we really need to know about, but it isn't what it looks like to your average Joe.

Plus, I must've mentioned this before, but anybody who's looked at anything under a microscope will be familiar with what people see in the sky with night vision, and if we don't think that stuff under the microscope is a bunch of space aliens flying around, I don't know why we think that about the stuff in the sky. Rather, I would think that stuff in the sky is stuff on the lens being magnified by some kind of light refraction, or that it is flying around out there, but it's larger versions of the same sort of stuff under the microscope... plus, of course, with occasional sightings of black projects craft.

I'm not saying there are no others in the universe. I am not saying none have ever visited here. In fact, I think it's more likely we're all at least part space alien than that we evolved here unassisted. I'm not even saying that there might not be space aliens here now.

But I am saying that it is immaterial.

We are responsible.

always and any time....