we're going to have to find me a new niche

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I can't take this moronic devolution into abject absurdity.


Grand Canyon conservation? The Koch Pigs are going to fuck over the Grand Canyon? GTFO.

Don't get me wrong, it's an insult to swine to call them pigs, and I knew that decades before any of you because, after my dad's job moved to Texas without us, he went to work for one of their companies. I don't think he lasted a month before he told them to stick it where the sun don't shine, and my father knew psychopaths from humans. I was left with no doubt whatsoever that they were people who very much better for the whole world ought never to have been born, let alone allowed to reach a ripe old age.



The Republicans can't ruin the Grand Canyon any faster than the Democrats. Jackasses. Liberals are NOT more concerned with the environment than conservatives. Morons. They know your brain prefers to tick off little boxes and go with the herd that seems more virtuous to you. They play you like fiddles. They play you so well you play everyone around you like fiddles for them!

The vast system of pipes is reaching the point where I flipped off my tv, yanked the cord out the wall and dropkicked it off the headlands onto the rocks below so the sea could decimate the shards, evaporate that node of the neural net from hell.

If we don't find me somewhere to rest my aching soul from this ludicrously psychedelic bad acid trip you insist upon calling "the world" I'm going to lose my shit so hard my site will turn into a third millennium slasher movie.

always and any time....