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Why would a guy want to transition into a female reptile with a beard?

I have been noticing a trend. A bunch of the men transitioning to women, sooner or later, decide they hate estrogen. Can't think, can't function, can't get laid. Not even sure they want to get laid anymore. So they go off it. It starts when they just want to go off it long enough to win a court case, or get some big project handled.

But eventually, and usually not even that long after they've had all their surgeries, however many that is for them, they stop the estrogen and stay stopped off it.

This returns them to hairy beast status. With tits and maybe pussy. Now maybe they really want to get laid and are even less likely to find any comers, so to speak.

So, okay. Woman didn't work. Completely fucked up his life. Total freak who may have gone too far to get back to being your basic guy.

So he thinks, "Okay. Lizard... with a beard."

always and any time....