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Frankly, I think all officials should refrain from telling American news outlets anything approximating the truth, just to be on the safe side, and while most of me feels this surely is true, because it's too ludicrous not to be, part of me does feel someone with an IQ convinced them to retract earlier reports to halt the fantastical cascade of Islamophobic warmongering amongst our zombie youth.

I have not had anything approximating the proper kind or amount of sleep in days. My eyes are burning and I'm making mistakes left and right. I'm still in here being all enlightened and psychic and just generally more fabulous than you deserve, but my meat suit is failing in a big way.

So just try to stick to HERE and HERE for the latest, whether or not I'm blathering about it. Don't get lazy and take it from CNN or your local news team. They're trying to kill you. And your protestations of safety from it because you are a critical thinker and can translate sound bites in real time is just your stupid ego. They're programming your subconscious and it will nail you.


Friday, 20 May, 8:30am

I'm going to stop following this now. Unless an explosive was placed just so somewhere onboard before the stop in France, I think it's most likely it was hit with a long range SAM. I say this because the wild zigzag at the end feels more like evasive action than anything else, and because no one immediately took responsibility. Those were very experienced guys in the cockpit.

I'm demoralized and appalled at the anti-Islam fulminating all over the system of pipes. Yeah, I guess it's possible to realize they are only employees of some anti-human psychopaths and still want to hold Islam accountable, but somehow that's even more reprehensible to me.

The good news is: I was SO far beyond the pale yesterday that a chill pill couldn't help but work.

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