for thirty-five years

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I have suffered with intermittent bouts of seriously life-threatening grocery-store-ophobia. I mean, it's been a very long time since I liked it much, but there are sometimes loooong stretches where I just can't face it, even times when my empty belly got me as far as in the front door, but cosmic aversion overcame it before I could lay mitts on even a cart, let alone successfully execute a purchase of food.

I've also had intermittent bouts of grotesquely-anomalous vertigo over all those years and I'm beginning to correlate them with swings in my thyroid gland's performance.

This brings me to the other intermittent thing that is almost beyond my powers to overcome. My cellular disinclination to go to the doctor, let alone tell him I need more thyroid hormone.

I'm thinking maybe I should use up my chi on getting to a brain surgeon.

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