fuck! i feel SO much better

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It's outright fantastical what a few micrograms of thyroid hormone can do to restore a sense of wellbeing and the pluck to get to the grocery store. Kaaazaaaarrrt! The sleep is better, too. Even though I'm not completely certain of that yet because I was having to take so many chill pills not to lose my cookies completely, even though I'm still weaning back down on them, I can tell it's better.

It might seem like a strange distinction, but I have SO much experience with this, I can tell the difference between sleeping and blackouts. It's episodic electrical upheaval and it might even have been my lunatic thyroid all along. Truly.

Maybe I need to speak to some medical school researcher or other. Maybe somebody can get their doctoral thesis outta this, or even a Nobel Prize. You might be looking at the inspiration for the liberation of maniacs everywhere.

always and any time....